About us

There isn't one right way to rescue however the one thing everyone can agree on is for a pet to be adopted, they need to be seen. Social media has been a great solution, but how do you search for this perfect match?

PetBuddee crowdsources volunteer data on an animal to build personality profiles to aid with adoption. On top of that PetBuddee is completely free to use. Since personality and temperament are the biggest factors for people adopting, PetBuddee gives each adoptable pet their own profile page where volunteers can attach photos & videos in real-time giving each pet their own timeline. This data becomes searchable so for example when that nature enthusiast is looking for their new hiking buddy, they’ll find the best candidate along with live footage and real time profile information.

After 15 years at various rescue organizations and animal shelters, I’ve seen firsthand how one bad interaction can unnecessarily permanently seal an animal's fate. Having PetBuddee correlate data from multiple people can help us give pets the best chance at finding forever homes. Utilizing my background in technical operations, software sales & development alongside my passion for animals, I am very proud to present PetBuddee to the rescue community.

The project to date is completely self-funded because I truly believe in its potential to save lives and help break the cycle of pet overpopulation. While it is free to use, there are costs associated with the operation & execution of the site. If you would like to contribute to the mission, use the Buy Me A Coffee Link below. The team & I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you for supporting the mission.