How It Works


Search for a pet through our website and use crowdsourced data to help you make the best decision. 

  1. Start a search by what’s most important to you: Size, age or breed.

  2. Then filter by things like energy level, & sociability with other pets and children. 

  3. Then take a closer look. The About section aggregates data from Report Cards submitted from volunteers. The (#) next to the attribute will tell you how many people observed a trait. 


Still have a question? List if in the Q&A section it will notify everyone that has left his pet a report card for them to reply. 


  1. Read through report cards left by volunteers about the time they spent with this pet andf fall in love. 

  2. Check directly with the adopting organization to verify info you are seeing online. We try, but the internet still manages to lie. 



Use our website to add a report card about a pet available for adoption. Share your personal experience or passion about a pet with others. 

  1. If you are an approved volunteer with a group, you’ll be able to get the basic profile information needed to add an animal to the registry. Then just list what organization they are available through. 

  2. Log your report card with a pet notating personality and things you were able to experience with them. Did you meet anyone on your walk? Do you know which toy they prefer? Easier, if you already have a shareable social media post, you can just link it to your report card. 


  1. Share it. Each pet profile on PetBuddee can be shared to other social media platforms or save the QR code to add it to your printed flyer to distribute.